About Us

Our key mission at SMiB [스미브] is to care for your hair. Through our innovative range of Korean hair care products, we are here to help you to solve your hair loss problems. Our end goal is to help you to achieve a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.


Research and Development are at our core

Our products (the complete SMiB Set) have gone through 2 years of an intensive Research and Development study. The product efficiency is backed by clinical tests and a clinical test report. This clinical test report (P&K Skin Research Center) was conducted to verify the efficiency of dandruff improvement, relief itchiness, soothe the scalp, reduce the number of missing hair, scalp elasticity, and tensile strength. For optimal results, the Research Centre recommends using the complete range for 3 to 4 month daily and exclusively. 

Highest quality and efficacy is our promise

We endeavour to provide you with the highest quality and most-effective hair care solutions. Our Coral Calcium Shampoo, Treatment, Essence and Plasma Massager have been developed through years of intensive research and development. For example, we were the first to incorporate high-quality coral calcium into shampoo because we discovered its effectiveness for hair loss prevention. Our innaBi hair care range uses ingredients that have been certified by the high standards of the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). This is why, when using our products, you can be rest assured that these are the best for your scalp and hair, and more importantly, are safe. 

We commit to affordability

Our commitment is also to keep our prices affordable so that everyone can achieve a healthy set of hair. Despite the high R&D and production costs for our products, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible.

Coral Calcium is our power ingredient

The skin’s epidermal cells require a sufficient concentration of Calcium to stay healthy. However, adding calcium to shampoo is not an easy process as Calcium has poor water solubility, which makes the process expensive and complicated. SMIB’s years of intensive research, development and testing in Korea, extracted high-quality Calcium from edible corals that are far superior both in quality and price, than common Calcium supplements. By making the extraction process more efficient, we have proudly added this super ingredient to the range of SMIB Shampoo, Treatment and Essence - all at an affordable price.

Plasma technology complements our products

Did you know that plasma can effectively cleanse and disinfect our scalps from contaminants better than any other methodology? The SMIB Plasma Scalp Massager can help you cleanse the corneal layers of your scalp and efficiently remove dandruff and sebum build-up. It can also remove bacteria in your hair follicles without damaging hair and skin tissue. The SMIB Plasma Scalp massager has gone through several efficacy tests and is proven to improve scalp health and resolve other hair and scalp concerns.

Popularity that spans to millions

In Korea, SMiB [스미브] has sold more than 1 million sets. Since our launch in Singapore, we have seen a similarly huge response with hundreds of positive reviews on our website, Hair Salons and our e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, iShopChangi, Qoo10 and Beauty Insider. With every new customer, we are happy to get closer to our goal of helping everyone achieve healthy hair. Healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp. Great hair begins with SMiB, you can say goodbye to hair loss and hello to beautiful hair!