About Coral Calcium

Calcium is one of the most important ingredients for maintaining a health scalp. Calcium relieves itching due to inflammation. Also, it forms a skin barrier to protect your scalp. By keeping your scalp healthy, it helps to stop hair loss effectively. Additionally, Calcium is an essential mineral which gives your hair a natural shine. If you want a healthy scalp and beautiful hair, your shampoo needs to have the crucial ingredient of calcium.

Our skin epidermal cells require a sufficient concentration of calcium to stay healthy. However, adding calcium to shampoo is not an easy process. Calcium has poor water solubility which makes it the process expensive and complicated.

We at SMIB did not give up. Through 2 years of intensive research , development and testing in Korea, We made a breakthrough. We found that we could extract high-quality calcium from edible corals. This calcium could also be added to the shampoo so that users can enjoy all the benefits of it.

High grade edible corals and calcium are far more expensive than the usual calcium supplements. But we want our customers to be able to use the best. By making the extraction process more efficient, we are proud to present SMIB range of Shampoo, Treatment and Essence at an affordable price for all.

Through this video, let us share with you more about how we extract high-grade calcium from edible corals. Firstly, we use electroplasticity to bake the corals. After that, we allow the corals to age naturally and eventually turn into high-quality calcium. As you can see, the process is tedious and complex. However, our SMIB team is always willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve a healthy scalp and beautiful hair!

Try our Coral Calcium Shampoo, Treatment and Essence - you will definitely not to be disappointed!