About Coral Calcium

 Coral calcium manufacturing technology certified as new health technology

How calcium benefits our scalp?

Calcium is one of the most important ingredients for maintaining a healthy scalp. Calcium relieves itching due to inflammation and also forms a skin barrier to protect your scalp. By keeping your scalp healthy, it helps to stop hair loss effectively. SMiB extracts high-quality calcium from edible corals to achieve a healthy scalp and hair.  


Safe for your hair, safe for the environment

Worried about harming the ocean and its ecosystem? Rest assured, SMiB only works with approved and legal organisations and communities to ensure only DEAD CORALS are extracted. This is according to international guidelines and is done in a sustainable manner. 

Removal of dead corals is beneficial to the ecosystem for a few reasons:

It provides space and opportunity for other organisms to survive and multiply, thus creating an environment that is conducive for coral reef reproduction.

Algae can accumulate on dead corals which are incapable of protecting themselves from algae coverage and overgrowth. While live corals can remove algae coverage with their polyps, this is not true for dead corals. Even though algae is part of the ecosystem, an algae overgrowth can result in adding stress to the live corals and affect their resilience. By removing dead coral, it prevents excessive algae formation to ensure the live corals are not being subject to additional stress.

We would like to reiterate that SMIB and the authorities use extraction processes to remove dead corals in a sustainable manner that does not adversely affect the ecosystem and the survival of other organisms.

Why Coral Calcium?

SMiB extracts calcium from dead corals found in crystal clear deep water. Coral Calcium is a type of organic calcium digested by corals and is ionized immediately upon contact with water. Rich in inorganic matters and minerals with few impurities, it also serves as a good calcium supplement. Coral Calcium has plenty of benefits for your hair. For instance, most scalp shampoos will dry your hair while deeply cleanse your scalp. SMIB’s Coral Calcium is a powerful ingredient that will nourish and clean your scalp without drying out your hair. 

However, adding calcium to shampoo is not easy. Calcium has poor water solubility which makes the process expensive and complicated. Through 2 years of intensive research, development and testing in Korea, SMIB was able to make a breakthrough! We found that we could extract high-quality calcium from edible corals. Furthermore, we were able to make the extraction process more efficient , delivering quality coral calcium in our SMIB range of shampoo, treatment and essence - at an affordable price.

Through this video, this experiment is to show the purifying effect of calcium powder

Coral Calcium manufacturing technology is certified as a new health technology. High caloric calcium powder manufacturing uses electro-calcination. In the video below, you can see, the process is tedious and complex. However, our SMIB team is always willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Try our Coral Calcium Shampoo, Treatment and Essence - you will definitely not be disappointed!

Our products FREE from 23 harmful ingredients:

Lead / Arsenic / Mercury / Antimony / Cadmium / Nickel / Dioxane / Formaldehyde / Isopropylparaben / Propyl Paraben / Isobutyl Paraben / Methyl Paraben / Butyl Paraben / Fungus / Coliform / Echile Paraben / P - Hydroxybenzoic / Acid / Methanol / Triclosan / CMIT / MIT / Bacteria

which are not detected at our test report in Korea laboratory.

Treatment being awarded for best treatment 2020 and will rejuvenate your hair and restore it’s softness, elasticity and shine. Treatment does not contain silicone and will not cause itch or problem to the scalp. Treatment contain high-grade coral calcium, Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol, Salicylic Acid and 11 extracts of marine complex ingredients which are good for your scalp.

Use the complete set to get an intensive anti-hair loss and scalp health solution

(SMiB is recommended by P&K Skin Research Center)

The clinical test report Research and Development are at our core - our products (the complete SMiB Set) have gone through 2 years of an intensive Research and Development study. The efficiency of each product is backed by clinical tests and a clinical test report

This clinical test report (P&K Skin Research Center) was conducted to verify the efficiency of dandruff improvment, relief itchiness, soothe the scalp, reduce the number of missing hair, scalp elasticity, and tensile strength.

Efficacy of coral calcium proven by thesis data

For those that want lush, healthy scalp, there could be a number of reasons why you are having trouble achieving it. Once your scalp healthy, you will see a healthier hair, not just for hair loss. 

Want Healthy Hair? Combine SMiB products together with the healthy hair tips for a better hair health and growth!

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