4 easy steps to use SMIB

Step 1:

SMIB InnaBi Shampoo            

***For optimal results***

Stick with our SMIB Shampoo and do not use other brands together with it.

Healthy hair always starts with healthy scalp. An inflamed and uncared scalp can lead to dandruff, causing itchiness and excessive sebum production.

The first step to achieving healthy hair is a clean and healthy scalp. If you neglect your scalp, it may result in inflammation, itchiness, dandruff and excessive sebum.

Our SMIB innaBi Shampoo contains high-grade coral calcium that is effective in cleansing your scalp and getting hair back to its natural PH acidity. Additionally, it also protects your scalp against harmful bacteria and leaves your hair look healthy and moisturized with a natural shine.

Step 1 - Direction for use: A Shampoo is meant to primarily wash your scalp, and not just your hair. Rinse your hair to wash away dirt and contaminants. Put a suitable amount of our SMIB innaBi Shampoo and lather it on your palm. Apply the shampoo to your wet hair and massage it through your scalp and hair. Thoroughly rinse off the shampoo after.

Step 2:

SMIB InnaBi Treatment

***For optimal results***

Please stick with our SMIB innaBi Treatment and do not mix and match with other brands.

Treat and pamper your hair with our SMIB innaBi Treatment. It is made with an effective formula of marine complex and calcium, which reduces hair loss. With a lightweight and easy-to-rinse off texture, applying this treatment to your hair is an effortless process. This treatment will rejuvenate your hair and restore its softness, elasticity and shine. With consistent daily use, your hair will have added volume and also become less frizzy.

Step 2 - Direction for use: This treatment should be applied after the previous step of shampooing. Apply a suitable amount of our SMIB innaBi Treatment on your scalp and the entire length of your hair. Gently massage the treatment into your hair and scalp, Make sure to rinse thoroughly after. Our Treatment is safe and a must to apply on your scalp. Inside are ingredients such as Coral Calcium, Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol and Salicylic Acid which are good for your scalp. This treatment can effectively cleanse your scalp, reduce dandruff and provide the necessary nutrition to form a protective barrier for a healthy scalp.

Step 3:

SMIB InnaBi Scalp Massager

***For optimal results***
Please be diligent and use the SMIB innaBi Scalp Massager everyday - similar to combing your hair.


Our SMIB innaBi Scalp Massager offers the cutting-edge Plasma technology which prevents hair loss, improves hair growth and the health of your scalp. Our scalp massager is designed to be shaped like your regular comb, which makes it very easy to use. It also equipped with the vibration mode that massages your head. Massaging enhances blood circulation, relieves stress and helps you sleep better.

How /When to charge the Scalp Massager: 

Before you use the massager for the first time, please charge it for at least 4 hours for better battery life. On a full charge, its battery can last for months which makes it very convenient as you won't have to charge it very often. You only need to recharge it when the red light shows on the massager.

Step 3 - Direction for use: Towel dry your hair after your shower. Once your hair is dry, use the massager to comb through your hair and scalp. Make sure to cover and reach all areas of your scalp.

Step 4:

SMIB InnaBi Scalp Essence                     

***For optimal results***

Please stick with our SMIB innaBi Scalp Essence and do not mix it with other brands.

Our SMIB innaBi Scalp Essence contains a high concentration of the effective coral calcium. As such, it is very powerful in reducing hair loss. Also, it can quickly ease and calm an itchy and irritated scalp. For maximum effectiveness in maintaining a clean and healthy scalp, this essence is best used together with the SMIB Plasma Scalp Massager. As mentioned, a healthy scalp will regenerate your hair, making it healthier, silkier and shiny.

Step 4 - Direction for use: Spray the essence evenly onto each part of your scalp. Spread and massage the essence into your scalp. Leave it on. For best results, you should use our SMIB innaBi Scalp Essence daily.