How to use - Color Change Shampoo

Say goodbye to constant salon visits because SMiB Color Change Shampoo is here to hide your grey hair and give you a youthful look. 

Introducing SMiB Color Change Shampoo, the vegan-certified solution that not only cares for your hair's health and balance but also tackles greys and hair loss concerns! Packed with a unique blend of black bean extract, this shampoo gradually darkens grey hair, offering a natural color-toning effect over time. 


Step 1: Wet Your Hair
Start by thoroughly wetting your hair. Ensure it's damp but not soaking wet.

Step 2: Dispense the Shampoo
Pump out 2 to 4 pumps depending on your hair length.

Step 3: Wash your hair
Apply the shampoo evenly on your hair as you would normally use a shampoo  

Step 4: Leave it On
Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. For optimal color enhancement, you can leave it on longer.

Step 5: Thoroughly Rinse
Thoroughly rinse off the shampoo from your hair. Ensure no residue is left


Step 6: Indulge in SMiB Award-Winning Treatment
Elevate your hair care routine with SMiB innaBi Treatment, awarded Best Treatment.
This rejuvenating formula works wonders to restore your hair's softness, elasticity and shine. Explore more about our award-winning treatment here.  



Our base colour is natural brown is a common starting point for many hair coloring products. Grey hair tends to be more resistant to color change products and may require adequate product usage for optimal results otherwise it may turn golden or copper. However, the final result will still depend on individual hair pigment and colour change effects on grey hair.

If you find that your grey hair is not responding as desired, you can try leaving the product on for a longer time or adjusting the amount used to increase the pigment's strength. It's also important to note that with regular use of the shampoo some grey hair may darken over time. While grey hair can be more resistant to colour change products, consistent and adequate product usage will yield optimal results.

*Results vary by hair type and condition. The changed colour and the time it takes to the final stage can be different from person to person based on each hair texture and damage status.

Important notes:

As you wash your hair, the colour pigments in SMiB Color Change shampoo are deposited on the outside of your hair to intensify its natural colour. This deposit then helps to tone your hair, leaving behind a brightened, more refreshed colour to your locks.*

1) Treatment your hair

Highly recommend using our SMiB Coral Calcium Treatment after using Color Change shampoo

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Treat and pamper your hair with our SMiB Treatment. It is made with an effective formula of marine complex and calcium, which reduces hair loss. With a lightweight and easy-to-rinse off texture, applying this treatment to your hair is an effortless process. This treatment will rejuvenate your hair and restore its softness, elasticity and shine. With consistent daily use, your hair will have added volume and also become less frizzy.

Direction for use:

After shampooing, use 2-3 pumps (Adjust based on hair length men typically use 1 to 2 pumps while women use 2 to 3 pumps) to soften the entire length of your hair. Rinse thoroughly to ensure a clean wash with no residue. 

Silicone-free formula enriched with essential ingredients such as Coral Calcium, Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol and Salicylic Acid. This unique blend does not contain silicone hence it is safe even if you apply treatment on the root of your hair. Remember, our treatment is not a hair mask or a leave-on product. After application, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly until it's clean with no residue. Similar to washing your face, a clean scalp results in no product buildup.

Hair Tip: When we wash our hair, the pores on our scalp are open and vulnerable. It is therefore very important to be careful when drying our scalp and gently comb your hair!

2) Switch back to your usual shampoo

Colour change shampoo is meant to cover your grey hair and once you get your desired coverage can stop using and switch back to your usual shampoo*

*For optimal results*
We highly recommend using our SMiB Anti Aging Herbs Essential Anti-hair Loss Shampoo - Vegan and Sulfate free

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Korea's First Scalp and Hair Double Anti-Aging Clinical Trial

As part of this Double Anti- Aging Clinical Trial, the SMiB Natural Herb Essential Shampoo was shown to alleviate the symptoms of hair loss, and is certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Using SMiB’s independently developed ingredient, SP-3 Components 30,000 PPM, it is able to showcase an anti-ageing effect on your scalp and hair. 

Best of all, this new addition to SMiB’s line up contains 90% or more natural ingredients, is Sulphate-free and comes with a Vegan certification.

*Results vary by hair type and condition. The changed colour and the time it takes to the final stage can be different from person to person based on each hair texture and damage status.

Enriched with nanoparticles from black beans, this shampoo provides a continuous coating, naturally depositing pigments on the hair's surface and darkening grey strands. The use of a patented Platinum Extraction method ensures highly concentrated, safe-to-use daily scalp care ingredients that are absorbed effectively.

This color-depositing product enhances and brightens your current hair tone providing an in-shower option to bring back an enhanced color to your hair.

Our color-changing shampoo is uniquely formulated with botanical extracts which not only enhance your hair tone but also fortify hair fibers, protecting and nourishing your hair. Key ingredients include Black Bean extract for stronger hair roots and elasticity care, German Beer Yeast extract to prevent hair loss and White Green Tea extract to hydrate and soothe the scalp. As you wash, color pigments are deposited on the hair's outside, intensifying its natural color and leaving behind a brightened, refreshed look.

With 14 naturally derived essential oils and free from over 17 harmful chemical toxins, our color change shampoo ensures your hair and scalp receive the best care. While grey hair can be more resistant to color change products, consistent and adequate product usage will yield optimal results.