How Plasma Combats Hair Loss?


 The #1 Anti Hair Loss Treatment Product From Korea, Now Selling In Singapore and Malaysia.

SMIB [스미브] is the first ‘Scalp Health Solution’ brand in Singapore to introduce Coral Calcium into a range of products that help to prevent hair loss. We are also the first to use pioneering Plasma Technology into a portable device.
Combat hair loss by including SMiB’s Plasma Massager into your hair care routine, to massage and stimulate your scalp.  At the end of a long working day the light and soothing vibrations from the massager will also aid in relaxing your head muscles, allowing for better sleep at night.

Plasma scalp massager is an innovative device that combats hair loss


The brand SMiB is a progressive DEVICOS brand which means Device + Product. You will notice that cosmetic clinics use Plasma machines to treat hair loss. These machines are not meant for home use as they come with a high voltage. SMiB’s Massager was created as an innovative home use device so everyone can benefit from Plasma technology from the comfort of their own space.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is the latest phenomenon in the beauty and haircare industry. You probably are familiar with the 3 states of matter - solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is the fourth. Matter can move from state to state if sufficient energy is applied to it. For example, solid becomes liquid through melting. Liquid goes to gas by boiling. For gas to go to the plasma state, it goes through the process of ionization.


So, why is Plasma so popular as a treatment?

Plasma can effectively cleanse and disinfect our scalps from contaminants better than any other method.

The SMiB plasma scalp massager is an innovative device that incorporates plasma technology into the massager and combats hair loss while aiding in the absorption of our Coral Calcium Hair Essence. It also gives bacterial control on the scalp and increases cell follicular proliferation in our hair.

What symptoms can Plasma help with?

The Plasma Scalp Massager can help you cleanse the corneal layers of your scalp. This in turn means that it can efficiently remove dandruff and sebum to help you ease your itchy scalp. The SMIB Plasma Scalp Massager is also very gentle. It can remove bacteria in your hair follicles without damaging your hair and skin tissue. Additionally, the scalp massager can stimulate the fibroblasts in your skin to produce collagen elastin. 

Efficacy of the Plasma Scalp Massager

SMiB’s Plasma Scalp Massager has gone through clinical tests to check on its efficiency. The device incorporates Plasma technology and has been tested for improvement in the scalp’s health. This, in turn, prevents hair loss and other hair and scalp concerns.

The massager’s 2 ceramic parts release plasma technology into the device. This promotes regeneration in your scalp and makes it a fertile ground for new hair growth.

The above video shows how the Plasma Scalp Massager has gone through tests to check on its efficacy.

SMiB Scalp Massager

Allow us to share with you the science behind this amazing Plasma technology that drives the SMiB Scalp Massager. Plasma improves blood flow and circulation in our blood vessels which increases the nutrient supply to our hair follicles.

Plasma also dramatically increases cell production. It energizes weaker hair follicles, increases metabolism and accelerates your hair follicle production cycle. Through this, your scalp will be revitalized, and you'll start to see the growth of stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

Additionally, the SMIB Scalp Massager is also a relaxation device. When on its vibration mode, the light and soothing vibrations help to relax your head muscles, relieve stress and help you get a better night of sleep.

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, Plasma also helps our hair and scalp to absorb essential minerals and nutrients such as Calcium. That is why our Plasma Scalp Massager is best used together with our Coral Calcium Shampoo, Treatment and Essence. If you want to know more about why Calcium is so important for your hair - check out our explanation on Coral Calcium and its benefits!

Uses a Safe Charger
Our massager's battery carries an Autonomous Safety Verification Report Certificate

Besides all the benefits we mentioned, Plasma also helps our hair and scalp to absorb essential minerals and nutrients such as Calcium. That is why our Plasma Scalp Massager is best used together with our Coral Calcium Shampoo, Treatment and Essence. If you want to know more about why Calcium is so important for your hair - check out our explanation on Coral Calcium and its benefits!

Plasma technology was previously only available in high-end salons or dermatology clinic. Therefore, not everyone could enjoy the wonderful benefits of plasma. That is why we decided to develop the ultra-portable SMIB Plasma Scalp Massager. We hope that with it, you can enjoy the powers of plasma in your own home!

If you want healthier, shinier and revitalized hair, try our Coral Calcium Shampoo, Treatment and Essence together with our innovative Plasma Scalp Massager. You will definitely love them!

Our products FREE from 23 harmful ingredients:

Lead / Arsenic / Mercury / Antimony / Cadmium / Nickel / Dioxane / Formaldehyde / Isopropylparaben / Propyl Paraben / Isobutyl Paraben / Methyl Paraben / Butyl Paraben / Fungus / Coliform / Echile Paraben / P - Hydroxybenzoic / Acid / Methanol / Triclosan / CMIT / MIT / Bacteria

which are not detected at our test report in Korea laboratory.

Treatment being awarded for best treatment 2020 and will rejuvenate your hair and restore it’s softness, elasticity and shine. Treatment does not contain silicone and will not cause itch or problem to the scalp. Treatment contain high-grade coral calcium, Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol, Salicylic Acid and 11 extracts of marine complex ingredients which are good for your scalp.

Use the complete set to get an intensive anti-hair loss and scalp health solution

(SMiB is recommended by P&K Skin Research Center)

The clinical test report Research and Development are at our core - our products (the complete SMiB Set) have gone through 2 years of an intensive Research and Development study. The efficiency of each product is backed by clinical tests and a clinical test report

This clinical test report (P&K Skin Research Center) was conducted to verify the efficiency of dandruff improvment, relief itchiness, soothe the scalp, reduce the number of missing hair, scalp elasticity, and tensile strength.

Efficacy of coral calcium proven by thesis data

For those that want lush, healthy scalp, there could be a number of reasons why you are having trouble achieving it. Once your scalp healthy, you will see a healthier hair, not just for hair loss. 

Want Healthy Hair? Combine SMiB products together with the healthy hair tips for a better hair health and growth!

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