[ SMIB ] - Color Change Shampoo - Vegan Certified

[ SMIB ] - Color Change Shampoo - Vegan Certified

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1 x 200ml Color Change Shampoo (Natural Brown)  - Vegan 




Are you looking to maintain your hair colour without the constant harshness of chemicals?

Then you must try new to the market, SMiB’s Colour Change Shampoo, a colour-depositing product that enhances the tone and shade of your hair.

Have you noticed how a banana or apple turns brown due to oxidation? Similarly, active oxygen (oxidative stress) in the human body can lead to lower cell function and ageing of skin and hair. The SMiB Color Change Shampoo counters this by adding antioxidant substances that suppress active oxygen. Furthermore, Melanin pigments play an important role in hair health and regrowth. When this lowers, the only essential solution is to fill hair with antioxidants which are rich in nutrition and help with melanin production.

With every wash, SMiB’s Colour Change shampoo also adds pigment to your hair. A continuous coating of a mix of nanoparticles (Black Bean) sticks to the surface of the hair and grey hair is coated darker giving a natural dyeing effect over time. Furthermore, this formulation is mild, and safer to use daily. It coats hair so it can enhance hair colour without any irritation or damage to the scalp.

Harnessing on research of anti-hair loss ingredients, SMiB’s colour-changing shampoo comes boosted with botanical extracts. This help to tone the scalp, fortify hair fibre and protectively envelop hair for an immediate sensation of optimally fortified hair.

The main ingredients are packed with vitamins - SMiB’s exclusive mix of hair loss care ingredients that resolve concerns around hair colouring, scalp elasticity and hair loss.  

You will find Black Bean extract which contains vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids for stronger hair roots and hair elasticity care. German Beer Yeast extract is rich in biotin, vitamin B and amino acids and helps prevent hair loss. A calming and moisturising element, White Green Tea extract is rich in vitamins, minerals and saponins and helps to hydrate and soothe the scalp. 

What’s more, the SMiB Color Change shampoo contains 14 naturally derived essential oils including Bergamot, Mandarin, Sunflower seed and Ylang Ylang oils. And finally, the shampoo is free from over 17 chemical toxins that cause harm to your hair and scalp.


As you wash your hair, the colour pigments in SMiB Color Change shampoo are deposited on the outside of your hair to intensify its natural colour. This deposit then helps to tone your hair, leaving behind a brightened, more refreshed colour to your locks. *

Colour change shampoo is meant to cover your grey hair and once you get your desired coverage can stop using and switch back to your usual shampoo. 

Our base colour is natural brown is a common starting point for many hair coloring products. Grey hair tends to be more resistant to color change products and may require adequate product usage for optimal results otherwise it may turn golden or copper. However, the final result will still depend on individual hair pigment and colour change effects on grey hair.

If you find that your grey hair is not responding as desired, you can try leaving the product on for a longer time or adjusting the amount used to increase the pigment's strength. It's also important to note that with regular use of the shampoo some grey hair may darken over time. While grey hair can be more resistant to colour change products, consistent and adequate product usage will yield optimal results.

*Results vary by hair type and condition. The changed colour and the time it takes to the final stage can be different from person to person based on each hair texture and damage status.