Postnatal Hair Loss: Best Shampoos and Hair Products to Manage Hair Fall After Giving Birth - By Vanilla Luxury

Losing hair after your pregnancy? These postnatal shampoos and hair care products will help you fight post-pregnancy hair loss

Is post-pregnancy hair fall bringing you down? Between managing the stress of a newborn, sleepless nights, and recovering from giving birth, you shouldn’t have to worry about hair loss too! 

Unfortunately, hair loss after pregnancy is very real and can affect most women. The good news is that this temporary loss is your body’s way of going back to how it was, pre-pregnancy. And, the more care you take of your hair and scalp at this stage, the higher the chances you’ll have luscious re-growth once the cycle is over.

Today, we take a look at some of the best shampoos and hair care products in Singapore that can help with postnatal hair loss - these products are specifically designed to counter hair fall and provide necessary nutrition to your scalp and hair*. 

We are certain you have been checking ingredients closely, now that you are a new mum! Similarly, make sure to choose your shampoo with care, so it contains nourishing ingredients for your scalp and hair but also comes without any notorious toxins. 

SMIB’s products are free from 23 harmful ingredients and contain protein and marine complexes such as Niacinamide and Biotin, which keep hair silky and smooth. Additionally, SMIB’s Coral Calcium Shampoo maintains a healthy scalp and relieves itching caused by inflammation. It forms a skin barrier to protect your scalp and by keeping your scalp healthy, it prevents consequent hair loss effectively.

Want only the best for your hair? If you want a top postnatal hair loss treatment, we highly recommend investing in the entire SMIB Hair Regrowth Set. This best-selling set comes with SMIB’s shampoo, Calcium Treatment, a groundbreaking Plasma Scalp Massager and their Coral Calcium Hair Essence. A clinical test report showed that when used together as a complete set, SMIB’s hair loss shampoo and products helped to soothe the scalp, reduce the number of missing hair, improve scalp elasticity and increase tensile strength. 

The Plasma Scalp Massager incorporates Plasma Technology and has been tested to help improve scalp health, prevent hair loss and has several other benefits, including that of better sleep! 

What’s more, SMIB has sold over a million of its affordable hair regrowth treatment sets, in Korea and around the world! Quality formulations that are built for hair regrowth - what’s not to love!

*Always check with your doctor if you are breastfeeding before trying any new products or starting any new treatments.