Menopause and Hair Loss: These Shampoos and Hair Products Can Help - By Vanilla Luxury

These shampoos and hair care products can help with thinning hair and other hair fall troubles that come with Menopause

Are you experiencing hair fall or thinning hair as you move closer to menopause? Most women lose volume, density and hair length with age, but increasingly so as they approach menopause.

Our hair growth cycle is affected by hormones, and the changing levels around menopause can accelerate hair and scalp troubles. This is because menopause causes our estrogen and progesterone levels to drop. These hormones help grow hair faster and keep it in the anagen (or growth) phase for longer - when the levels drop, hair growth slows down and your hair density along with length reduces. 

What can you do? Aside from maintaining a good diet, keeping stress at bay and raising any acute hair fall issues with your doctor, you can choose to buy hair products that help restore volume and thickness to your hair. Take the time to look for shampoos and hair care products that target hair loss and thinning as well as keep your scalp healthy.

We’ve rounded up some of the best hair loss shampoos and hair care products available in Singapore that help with hair fall and thinning hair. They also work extra hard to give you a cleaner scalp. 


Experts agree that hair issues start from the root of your hair, i.e, your scalp. As part of your hair care during menopause, you must ensure that your scalp is a clean slate so it can absorb the right nutrients and promote a healthier environment for your tresses. 

This is why SMIB’s shampoo and hair care range is developed primarily to clean the scalp. Their key ingredient Coral Calcium is one of the best options for maintaining a healthy scalp as it relieves itching that is often a result of inflammation. The products also form a skin barrier to protect the scalp and by keeping it healthy, they prevent hair loss, dandruff, and other hair troubles, effectively.

The best-selling hair regrowth treatment set includes the SMIB shampoo, a Calcium Treatment formula, an innovative Plasma Scalp Massager that incorporates Plasma Technology, and finally a Coral Calcium Hair Essence to leave on. The regrowth treatment set has sold over a million units worldwide and has rave reviews from customers - with very real results! 

Want to go clean with your skin and hair care? We love that SMIB does not add silicones and 23 other harmful chemicals to its products. They also add ingredients that do your hair and scalp a world of good such as Coral Calcium, Zinc Pyrithione, Niacinamide, and Biotin. In fact, Biotin is beneficial through the several stages of hair loss. Whether you are experiencing thinning hair, hair loss or simply want to boost hair regrowth - Biotin can work along with other essential nutrients to help with all of that.