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1 set of [ SMIB ] - Basic Starter Kits Set
Retail Price: SGD 169.90

*Included shipping fee

Product link : https://www.smib.com.sg/collections/leeteng/products/copy-of-smib-full-set-plasma-scalp-massager-100ml-coral-calcium-shampoo-100ml-treatment-115ml-hair-essence?variant=29045855125578 

Tik Tok Shop link: https://shop.tiktok.com/view/product/1729459919289157399?region=SG&locale=en 

Click the below link for the step to request our free sample from TikTok Shop:

Deliverable Task to do:

✅ Create 1x TikTok video (min. 30 sec)  showcasing the products.

You MUST be comfortable with showing yourself in the video. 


✅ Repost the approved video to IG Reel.

(*Mirror post from TikTok video)


✅ Repost the approved video to Facebook.

(*Mirror post from TikTok video)


Video Requirements 


* Influencers MUST include the following:

# Influencers must share how the product will help them improve their hair problems (e.g. hair loss, oily scalp, itchy scalp)

# Influencer to share their experience before and after using the anti-hair loss shampoo

# Influencers must share about SMiB product benefits.

# When highlighting the products, it is unnecessary to delve into the step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Instead, let's solely emphasize the advantages and benefits that each product brings.

* Featuring the product and include the affiliate link of the product on the TikTok Video .

* Influencers can only use music from the Commercial sounds for branded content.

* You can toggle to access Commercial music in the TikTok app

* Enable branded content toggle when posting Branded content on TikTok

* Influencers are to get as creative as possible, featuring our product in their video while maintaining their style
(eg. skits, dance videos, product recommendation, vlog)

- Sample videos:







*Overly edited video
*Blurry/Grainy video


Caption Requirements


* Tag @smib.singapore in their post.
* Only 300 word characters (including spaces)



* Blurry/Grainy videos
* No profanities
* No comparison with any other brands
* No mention of any other brands

Hashtag & Tag Requirements

#smibsingapore ,#smib ,#hairloss , #haircareroutine , #shampoo , #hairfallcontrol ,#hairtreatment ,# tiktokshopsg ,@smib.singapore


Sample Caption

Hair fall problem? Don’t worry! @smib.singapore will help you solve your problem!
#smibsingapore ,#smib ,#hairloss , #haircareroutine , #shampoo , #hairfallcontrol ,#hairtreatment ,# tiktokshopsg ,@smib.singapore


Kindly note that upon receiving our sponsorship product, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

* You will create a video featuring the product that is at least 30 seconds long and include a link to the product page on TikTok.

* You have to keep the video public.

* You grant SMiB Singapore permission to use the TikTok video for editing and reposting on any online platform.

* You agree not to resell the free sample on any online platform.

* You agree to mirror post the Tik Tok video to Instagram and Facebook.

To ensure that your video aligns with our guidelines, we kindly request that you submit a draft for our review before obtaining approval and publishing the final version. Our aim is to make sure your video adheres to our guidelines and does not mislead your followers.


Take Note:


If you video is edit in Tik Tok app, see below Steps to save your DRAFT content from TikTok:

*Post the video with the following privacy settings: 

(a) Who can watch this video >>  “Only me” and 

(b) Switch on the “Save to device” function

You may refer to this link for walkthroughs on how to save your drafts: