Steps to Request Free Sample from TikTok Shop

1. Open your Tik Tok App
2. Click > Profile

3. Click > Shop

4. Click > TikTok Shop

5. Click > Product Marketplace


6. Search products > SMIB


7. Click > Shop , Click > View shop


8. Click > Free sample


9. Click > (SMIB) Basic Starter Kits set


10. Click > Requests


11. Click > 4 products set



12. Click > Request Free Sample

13. Fill in your detail and click “ Save”


14.Tick here and Click “Submit “


Please read the following Terms and Conditions before requesting the free sample:

Terms and Conditions:

*Upon receiving the free sample, the recipient agrees to create a video ( at least 30 seconds) featuring the product and include a link to the product page on TikTok.

*The recipient will keep the video public .

*The recipient grants SMiB Singapore permission to use the TikTok video for editing and reposting on any online platform.

*The recipient agrees not to resell the free sample on any online platform.